Sunday, October 30, 2011

Summer 1961

A trip to Cody, Wyoming with my young women’s group from the Montpelier, Idaho 3rd Ward to see the Mural in the Cody 1st Ward chapel was an exciting adventure.  My younger sister, Kiera, was going, too. We would also see a performance of the Passion Play produced annually in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Oh, to have had a crystal ball and know how special people in Cody and the mural would become to me.  

Mark lived just a block from the chapel.  His mom told him that a group of girls from Idaho were spending the night in the basement of the chapel and suggested that he and some of his friends might go welcome them to Cody.  He didn’t.

Guess timing wasn’t right.  We would meet at BYU, fall semester of 1965. The rest is a delightful history! 

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